No more background checks for Collier County cabs, Uber drivers

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NAPLES, Fla.- Collier County commissioners voted on Tuesday to stop regulating cars for hire, meaning cabs and drivers for ride-sharing services like Uber won’t be subject to background checks or vehicle inspections.

“It’s convenient. It’s quick. They know what they’re getting. They’re getting into a safe vehicle,” said
Uber driver Bill Holderby.

Holderby has been driving part-time for Uber for the past five years. He’s already picked up 1,000 and says Uber is extremely safe.

“We’ve already gone through background checks,” said Holderby. “They do that. They have to make
sure we have insurance. We have to have an umbrella policy over us.”

Holderby is applauding the move by Collier County commissioners to deregulate cars for hire, which forces companies to conduct their own inspections and background checks. Commissioners say deregulation allows free enterprise to decide which company will succeed. But, the move is troubling to cab company owner, Peter Francois.

“I’m surprised. Their job is to protect public safety,” said Francois. “Why was regulation
necessary before and not now?”

Jared Griffoni with the Libertarian Party of Collier County says its because the rules are outdated.

“We’ve seen multiple counties and multiple states deregulate because the old regulations simply
don’t work in today’s market.”

Lee County commissioners voted in March on their car for hire regulations. They decided to tighten
and streamline background checks and inspections.

State lawmakers are now reviewing a bill to regulate cars for hire through permits.

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