Mosquito control monitors carriers of Zika virus in Collier County

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James Gathany / CDC / MGN

NAPLES, Fla. – With zero confirmed cases of Zika in Collier County, mosquito control is continuing its preventative efforts against the virus and mosquitos that carry it.

Inspectors are seeking out the black Aedes mosquito, which requires a small amount of standing water to reproduce more Zika virus carriers. Most mosquitos in Florida are brown, inspectors said.

Tom Wilmot of Collier County Mosquito Control said Collier County residents can identify the Aedes mosquito without any special gear.

“If you go out in your backyard at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you see a bunch of mosquitoes flying around your ankles that’s more likely the Aedes we’re looking for,” he said.

Collier County Mosquito Control has not found many Aedes mosquitoes. But the department said they are prepared to fight off breeding among the mosquitos by killing larvae and spraying adult mosquitoes.

Collier County residents can join Mosquito Control’s efforts by remembering to clean out bird baths and fountains every week, the department said.

“Anything that can hold water around the home: toy, pool, bird baths, bottle caps, buckets,” mosquito expert, an expert said.

Wilmot said the chance of getting the Zika virus is low for people in the United States.

“At this point it’s a very low risk of transmission anywhere in the United States,” he said.

But he said his department is being proactive.

“We have to be prepared and on the lookout,” and expert said.

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