Healthy Kids: Immunizations


Immunizations – WHO statistics:

Successful, cost-effective global health intervention.
Saves up to 3 million lives per year.
1.5 million children die every year of vaccine-preventable diseases.
1:5 children do not receive their complete ‘baby shots.’
Vital to a well-functioning health system.

Success of Immunizations:

<2 yr: Protects against 14 vaccine-preventable diseases.
>9 yr: Protects against 6 vaccine-preventable diseases.
>16 yr: Boosters needed even if not going to college.
Vocal minority do not vaccinate.

Childhood Immunization Studies – one birth cohort:

Prevents 20 million cases of disease.
Prevents 42,000 deaths
Saves $13.5 billion in direct costs.
Failures: measles outbreak in 2014.

School forms are needed:

Immunization records for all incoming 7th graders.
If not already registered, all VPK and Kindergartners.
High School Sports Participation
Pop Warner, or the like, sports teams.
College starts

The immunization schedule for birth to 6 years old.

The immunization schedule for older children.

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