Fitness Friday: Mike’s 4 tips to staying lean


Learn Proper Technique and Get Assessed

Learning how to train properly is your best bet for getting results in the gym. I offer a service called the BodyQ that will educate you on your body and any deficiencies, then provide you with a program to help you gain strength and that won’t set you back by getting injured. The first part is a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment performed by one of my physical therapists or licensed Athletic Trainers where you will be provided with a 4 page report on your body. The second part is a follow-up appointment when one of my degreed trainers will take you through your custom workout program that you can then choose to follow at home, in your community fitness center, or at FYZICAL with me. Do Cardio and Strength Training

Doing both aerobic exercise and strength training

Enhances muscle strength and improve blood flow to your muscles, heart, and lungs. Weight training can enhance cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure, but a lot of people will benefit from a conditioning program as well. Do intervals, run stairs, or try high-intensity training for better heart and lung function.

Focus on Recovery

Rest and recovery are often over looked, but are probably the most important part of the process. While your body is resting it is repairing all the damages caused by the stress it’s been put under. Always listen to your body! Proper nutrition will accelerate tissue and muscle repair, and antioxidant foods like green veggies and drinking lots of water will help remove waste products generated from hard training.

Set Regular Goals and Keep Variety

Having a purpose to your training is critical because it will guide what you do when you work out. Goals also keep you honest. Goals also help you focus your training so that as your body adapts, you change things up to continue to see results. Plus, if you have a goal that is important to you, like doing 10 pull-ups at once, you will be that much more motivated to get yourself to the gym to train and give it all you’ve got.

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