Man pepper-sprayed during act of road rage speaks out

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- A man who was pepper-sprayed in a case of road rage in Lee County says he will never tangle with an angry driver again.

Authorities say 52-year-old Edgar Keller, the suspect behind the attack at a red light on Palm Beach Boulevard and New York Drive, is still on the loose.

(Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers)
(Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers)

The victim from Cape Coral, who preferred not to be identified, says with Keller still out there, he’s more cautious than ever behind the wheel.

The victim says he was driving slower than the speed limit down Palm Beach Boulevard when he was attacked.

“He was shouting at me,” the victim said, “getting a little crazy. So, I put my window down.”

That’s when the victim says Keller pepper-sprayed him, with his wife and 25-day-old baby in the backseat.

“As it hit my door, it sprayed up into me,” the victim said. “And as I was blocking it, it hit my arm and my wrist and sprayed all in the passenger seat of my car.”

The victim says he was able to follow Keller and take down his license plate.

Florida Highway Patrol says this incident is just one example of a larger road rage problem.

“We often see people using their vehicles to intimidate people, whether that’s through tailgating, improper lane changes, or we may see reports of people using hand gestures or throwing items from their vehicle,” said Lt. Greg Bueno with FHP.

When you encounter an aggressive driver, troopers recommend following these rules:

  • Remain calm.
  • If possible, let the aggressive driver pass.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Avoid obscene hand gestures.
  • Avoid honking.

“When people start honking horns as a means of frustration,” Bueno said, “you’re antagonizing the situation. You don’t know who that other person or where that other person is going or what they’re doing or how enraged they are.”

Troopers say if you see a reckless driver who’s endangering your life or others, don’t hesitate to call *FHP or 911.

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