Save at the grocery store without coupons

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Matt MacGillivray/ MGN

NAPLES, Fla. – Next time you go to the grocery store forget coupons, you can save by just bringing your own bag.

More and more stores are rewarding customers who are eco-friendly. Call for Action checked around and found three stores in the area that offer savings or incentives for customers.

Whole Foods offers 10 cents back for every bag you bring in and use.

“You have an option of taking 10 cents and donating that for every bag that we use to a local charity or taking 10 cents off your bill,” said customer service team leader, Cheryl Griffith. “We tend to collect about $3,000 per quarter, between $3,000 and $3,500 that we can donate to our local charities.”

Target offers customers 5 cents off for every bag you bring in. Trader Joe’s will enter your name into a weekly drawing, where you can win a bag full of their products.

Griffith said if customers are worried about the bags getting dirty, most of them can be washed in a gentle cycle then hung to dry.

Whole Foods offer another incentive for eco-friendly customers. If you bring in your own mug, they will only charge you $1 for a cup of coffee.

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