Boa still loose, owner pleads for snake’s safety

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FORT MYERS, Fla. — Amber Petaccio, the owner of the escaped boa Sheila, is pleading with people to not hurt the pet snake.

“People said they were going to hurt her,” Petaccio said. “If anyone’s going to take her out, please make it quick, that’s all I ask. Don’t beat her, she’s not going to hurt anybody.”

Petaccio forgot to close the bottom lock on the cage and noticed Sheila was gone the next day.

“It was shut and I did one of the locks,” Petaccio said. “But one of the locks is like a latchover and I have a hard time with it. So I left it and I kind of forgot about it.”

Some neighbors are still worried about the boa near their small pets, but Petaccio wants to assure them that Sheila probably won’t be interested.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, boa constrictors are not venomous, so there are no cage requirements. However, if you do come across Sheila, don’t approach her and call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

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