Punta Gorda city officials mull possible changes to major roadway

Punta Gorda mulls possible changes to major roadway

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. City officials are considering converting West Retta Esplanade Road to a one-way roadway from U.S. 41 to Shreve Street to ease traffic.

West Retta Esplanade is currently a two-way road and is the main thruway to Gilchrist Park, one of the city’s busiest parks. The conversion would include diagonal street parking and designated bike lanes to prevent drivers from speeding and help traffic flow.

While many believe that something needs to be done to slow down traffic, others believe there is an easier fix.

“I like the idea of speed bumps,” resident Jim Capo said. “I think some way or another that that would prohibit people from speeding down this road and allowing us to go ahead and do what we have to do for the bicyclists and for the traffic that comes in and out to the park.”

City council posted the idea to their Facebook page and is seeking the public’s opinion.

The conversion will not be on the agenda until May.

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