“Fearless” Texas feline hangs out with rattlesnake


(CBS) Texas authorities are calling it a “fearless” feline: a cat who was pictured just inches away from a rattlesnake.

The Laguna Vista Police Department posted an image of the pair late last week on its Facebook page alongside a warning to residents of the South Texas town about rattlesnakes following a spotting.

“LV Residents, earlier today Laguna Vista Police Officers assisted the Bay Area Birders of LV that were at the walking trail when they suddenly spotted a rattlesnake,” the post said. “We ask that you all use caution and are aware of your surroundings when walking on the walking trail or any other locations.”

A later post again pictured the cat and snake, this time giving the feline a title: “Fearless Laguna Vista Cat!”

Police said that rattlesnakes generally come out of hibernation in March or April — or when average daytime temperatures hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit and remain that high or rise. They’re most active when temperatures are between 80 and 90, according to the Laguna Vista Police Department.

“Please be careful!” the department posted.

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