Young mom crushed to death in hospital elevator accident, reports say

Photo via WKMG

SEVILLE (WKMG) A 25-year-old mother who had just given birth was crushed to death in a freak accident on a hospital elevator, according to reports.

Rocio Cortes Nunez, 25, had delivered a daughter via caesarian section and was being transferred to the maternity ward on a gurney when she was crushed between floors, the BBC reported.

Firefighters in Seville, Spain, rushed to the scene, but were unable to save the woman.

The elevator began to rise on its own as she was being removed by a porter. As the car unexpectedly rose, part of her body remained outside the elevator doors.

Trapped between floors, the mother died. Some reports said her body had been severed in two.

Her infant daughter, who was also on the stretcher, was unharmed. Nunez had two other girls, ages 5 and 4, The Independent reported.

Her husband, Jose Gaspar, said the loss was devastating to him.

“This can’t be so,” he told ABC Sevilla. “Today it was Rocio, but tomorrow it could be someone else.”

Brother-in-law David Gaspar said the family demanded to know why the elevator appeared to malfunction.

Spanish health officials are investigating the death.

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