Woman sues Sephora, claims sample lipstick gave her herpes

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CALIFORNIA (CBS MIAMI) A woman in California is suing cosmetics chain Sephora after claiming she contracted herpes from using the store’s sample lipstick.

According to reports, the woman was using one of the “common use” lipsticks in a Hollywood, California store back in 2015 when she was infected. The plaintiff’s lawsuit alleges that she never had herpes or suffered from cold sores before entering the cosmetics store.

The complaint adds that Sephora failed to clearly warn customers that there was a risk for exposure to diseases from using the public samples. The woman claims that other companies use proven methods, such as individual samples, to avoid exposing customers to someone else’s illnesses.

Oral herpes is an infection that causes sores on the lips, gums, tongue, and inside of the cheeks. It is also associated with other symptoms like fever and muscle aches. People can be infected with herpes by touching saliva or skin which is carrying the disease.

The woman, who chose not to identify herself, is reportedly seeking damages for her emotional distress caused by the “incurable lifelong affliction” she alleges Sephora caused by their lack of concern for their customers’ safety. The cosmetics chain has reportedly not replied to media requests for a response to the woman’s lawsuit.

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