How you can prehab to avoid rehab from injury

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Rehab heals the body after an injury. But the goal of prehab is to lessen the chance of an injury ever happening; through body analysis, exercises and stretches that are designed to build balance, strength, and flexibility.

For some, Hernan Lucero is a familia face. This actor in soaps and commercials knows the importance of presentation and posture.

“Things weren’t right and weren’t aligning right,” said Hernan.

Then he discovered “prehab”.

Noam Sadovnik, DC, founder of Clinicube said, “Prehabilitation is really just a concept or philosophy that we’re trying to build into people’s mindset and it primarily has to do with proactive care.”

It uses tools like the ‘optogait’ that evaluate your gait for imbalances. They also use red cord suspension therapy suspending a patient’s entire body in midair.

Sadovnik continued, “And so, there’s no stable foundation for the body to sort of leverage and so what happens when we have you perform those movements in the red cord apparatus is we’re able to very quickly expose any weaknesses, imbalances, or even compensations.”

After battling chronic pain throughout his 20’s, Lucero can now enjoy competitive bike racing with increased range of motion and strength due to prehab exercises. And he’s not the only one.

“I brought my dad in a long time ago to see Dr. Sadovnik. He walked in limping on a cane. He had diabetic neuropathy. And, I said, ‘Hey dad, just try it out, just get on the machine. What’s the worst that could happen?’ He got on the atm. He went through the exercises. He did some movements. He danced out of that office,” said Lucero.

Most insurance companies do not reimburse for prehab. The fees depend on the combination of services, but typically range from 110 dollars and up. Prehab is for anyone of any age, and level of athleticism, that is looking to improve their strength and range of motion.

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