Mindfulness can work for children, not just adults

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You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation in adults. But now research is showing the simple act of mindfulness can also help kids.

School, sports, friends, kids today have a jam-packed schedule. But could taking some time to breathe help them out?

Fourth grade student, Adam Elbousty, said “When our body is stressed out, deep breathing helps you not be stressed out.”

Nathan Dussing, another 4th grade student shared, “when I get frustrated with math, I use it and it calms me down.”

A paper published in developmental psychology revealed fourth and fifth graders who took part in a four-month meditation program improved cognitive control, memory, and their math grades. A study out of Korea found eight weeks of meditation lowered aggression, stress, and anxiety in elementary-aged kids. And another study found fifth graders with ADHD improved their math scores after being taught a specific type of meditation.

Michelle Braun-Burget, a School Psychologist said “So the point behind those mindfulness techniques is helping children learn coping strategies no matter what their circumstances are, it helps them be more focused as well and that’s where it helps in the academic arena.”

Experts say you can teach your kids mindful meditation at home.

Start with just a couple of minutes a day, use a timer, and don’t forget to join in!

Despite the many benefits, only about one point six percent of kids in the US meditate according to the national center for complementary and integrative health.

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