The regional accents Americans find the most – and least – attractive

Author: CBS News
Photo via MGN

America is full of rich, and highly parodied, accents from coast to coast, but which one is the most attractive? A new study has the results, and there are some clear winners and losers.

Internet-based data analytics and market research firm YouGov released a study earlier this month that asked 1,216 Americans over the age of 18 about their accent preferences. The firm provided nine options, ranging from regions to well-known dialects in cities. Among other questions, YouGov asked, “Which American region/city do you think has the most attractive accent?”

The winner was clear. The Southeastern accent, bless its heart, took the winning spot, with the dialect receiving 18 percent of the vote from the study’s participants. Texas wasn’t too far behind, nabbing the second-most attractive accent at 12 percent of the vote.

Two distinctive accents tied for bronze: Archrivals New York and Boston received 7 percent of the votes each.

The Midwest and West coast tied for fourth place, with 6 percent of the vote, and Appalachia came in fifth with 3 percent.

The least attractive? Chicago rolls in dead last, with just 2 percent of “da” vote.

The poll also gathered that Americans find British accents the most attractive of international inflections. Just ask Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex.

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