New apartment planned for Pine Ridge Road causing traffic concerns

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Location for new apartment on Pine Ridge Road. Photo via WINK News

Residents that live on Pine Ridge Road have some concerns about a new apartment complex that is planned to be built soon.

“I’m not very happy with it we’re pretty dense right now and we don’t need another apartment complex in the area,” said Donna Wallace, a resident in North Naples.

The area is already congested and the 325 family sized apartment that is going up is going to bring more people to an area that says they don’t need it.

“All these intersections are then going to be taxed even more than they are already if you see them at rush-hour you’ll understand my concern,” Wallace said.

Not all agree that the apartment being built is a bad thing. Resident, Lee McCaskey who lives nearby says it just needs to be ran the correct way.

“It has to be well-managed from day one we can’t ad-hoc it like we did for a lot of times, and we have to have it all laid out ahead of time,” said McCaskey.

Right now contractors are mapping out the project and then will present it to the county. As of today, no start date has been announced.

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