Oversharing on social media can be risky

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Social media is great for catching up with friends, remembering birthdays and seeing major life milestones. But it’s not goo to post too much personal information to online accounts.

WINK News looked at why oversharing on social media can be risky.

Treating your personal page like a diary is never a good idea. Even if your page is private, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Stop and think, how can this information be used against me?

Personality quizzes could be common ways for thieves to get your personal information. They often mimic security question answers.

When sharing photos of your kids or grandchildren, be careful not to give too much away in terms of location.

“Don’t say oh, here she is at her ballet recital and she practices at such and such ballet school” said Carrie Kerskie, an identity theft expert. Again, stop with the oversharing. When you’re posting things online you need to take into consideration, who else is looking at this? Don’t just think it’s only my circle of friends.”

A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t put it on a billboard on the side of a highway, don’t post it.


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