Phone or tablet won’t charge? Here are some solutions

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So your phone or tablet isn’t holding a charge? Draining faster that it’s charging? These are common issues a lot of people face with technology nowadays. But before you hit the store to simply replace it, how about you try some home tech tricks?

Your phone won’t charge, what do you do? First, try another cable or wall adapter. It could simply be your current one is damaged, causing a bad connection. Also, be sure you are using the correct charger recommended by the company. Knock off chargers or older versions may not be compatible, and could cause further damage to your device.

Plug it directly into a wall, not a computer or USB port. Plugging it into a charger meant for a computer may not provide enough juice for a charge. This is more common with tablets, but can happen with phones too.

Check the inside of your charging port for lint. With phones being kept inside pockets and purses, it’s easy to pick up dirt. The tab inside your port may also be slightly bent from use. Both of these things can be solved with a little toothpick surgery. Gently use a toothpick to grab any dust or debris, or bend the center tab back into place. Finally, stop using it as you charge it. Just let it sit for a while.

If all else fails, it’s time to call in the professionals. Your device could be damaged or defective, but it may be under recall or warranty. Bring it in to the store or give the company a call. It will probably still cost less than just replacing the device entirely.

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