Driver flees crash and leaves 3 injured in Lehigh Acres

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A father is fighting for his life, and a mother is battered and bruised from a car crash. The person who hit him is still on local streets tonight.

On Wednesday, a hit-and-run crash happened along West 10th Street near Williams Avenue in Lehigh Acres injuring at least three people, and sheriff’s deputies are still searching for the driver who fled the crash.

Glenda Rivera Cuevas’ father, Angel Vega, is in ICU at Lee Memorial Hospital. Her mother and uncle were also in the car during the crash. They are at home recovering from injuries.

“He dragged my father’s car,” Glenda Rivera Cuevas said. “He hit him and then dragged him literally like nothing.”

Cuevas learned a driver slammed into her dad’s car and then took off leaving behind her family in a mangled mess. She expressed her feelings with WINK News toward the driver’s actions, who totaled her family’s car and put her father in the hospital.

“I’m very upset at the fact that you just took off and my parents were inside the car,” Cuevas said. “You treated my parents like they were nothing, like their lives were not worth it.”

Jeremy Randolph heard the crash from inside his home and immediately rushed to help.

“My wife and I ran out to see what was going on,” Randolph said. “By the time we got out to the car the female passenger was already laying on the ground. She was hurt. Hit her head. It was bad, and this all happened fast.”

Randolph tried to approach the driver who hit Cuevas’ family’s car.

“So my thought was the drivers unconscious, maybe slumped over the wheel, so I start banging on the driver of the SUVs window to wake them up or see if I can get a response,” Randolph said. “And it was then I realized he was actually in reverse. His wheels were spinning backwards, and he was trying to dislodge the cars to get out of here, and he did.”

Both Cuevas and Randolph hope there were other witnesses of the crash who have information that can help law enforcement track down the hit-and-run driver.

“It’s definitely a gray-silver, maybe a Pathfinder or 4Runner,” Randolph said. “There’s no way of mistaking this vehicle. It’s not a fender bender. It was tore up you know; hood to dash, it was in bad shape.”

If you recognize a car that matches the description Randolph describes, a gray-silver Nissan Pathfinder or Toyota 4Runner, contact Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

“Think about what you did honestly, and think about other people that you hurt,” Cuevas said. “And you know show your face.”

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