FWC reports Florida panther attacks dog in Golden Gate Estates

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Pet owners panicked because of what a panther did to a dog. Neighbors fear that a kid could be next.

Inez Totaley had the fortifications in place to protect her animals at her home in Golden Gate Estates, but her 7-foot fence was not enough to save at least 15 of her goats from a Florida panther attack in 2018.

Florida Fish and Wildlife reported yet another Florida Panther attack in the same area of Golden Gate Estates that happened on Dec. 31, but the report was just made available. It was the second dog killed by a Florida panther in 2018 and the 30th panther kill of the year.

“I understand that panthers are running around here we are in their habitat,” Totaley said. “We are out here in the estates, and there is a lot of wildlife. And when you move out here, you have to be prepared for that.”

Totaley’s animals were more than pets to her though.

“They’re like children,” Toatley said. “I love every one of them. They’re part of the family.”

FWC said to avoid a panther coming into your backyard, trim high vegetation they could hide in, and get spotlights to the scare them away.

Bill Castro said it’s not surprising to hear about another panther attack, but he also said no one is ever prepared for it to happen to them.

“Would’ve been a fight until the end…I would’ve went after him for sure,” Castro said. “Who thinks a panther is going to come into their backyard until it happens one day?”

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