How can I avoid using my smartphone?

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iPhone shows notifications. (Ivanhoe Newswire)
iPhone shows notifications. (Ivanhoe Newswire)

People check their phones about 47 times a day, which means all together, Americans check their phones 12 billion times in a day. Is this useful or distracting?

Phone use has gone up exponentially since the birth of the smartphone. People on average spend three hours on their phone now a day compared to just 18 minutes a few year ago. So, how often do you look at your phone?

According to pew research, most people use their phone to find out how to get somewhere.
A study by University of Texas in Austin showed that people were more likely to look at their phone if it is on your desk no matter if it was on, off, face up or down than those who moved their phone out of the room. So, how do you fix this fascination?

Reasons why smartphone owners frequently use their phones. (Pew Research Center graphic)
Reasons why smartphone owners frequently use their phones. (Pew Research Center graphic)

Proximity is destiny. If your phone is across the room then maybe you won’t look at it as much. Next, don’t look at your phone for an hour and see how you feel. Change your habits. Instead of going to grab your phone when you get the urge, grab a book. And finally turn off push notifications. Disable notifications or customize your ringtone or vibrations to let you know what is important to answer and what isn’t.

The average age for people to get their first smartphone is ten. Kids use their phones in the car about 45 percent of the time. But this number could go down if they see you practicing good phone habits.

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