Massive swarm of bees at Page Field is not a scene from a horror movie

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Swarm of bees in Fort Myers

It is not a scene from a horror movie, but it sure looks like it.

Thousands of bees swarmed one WINK News viewer’s car outside of Page Field Commons Tuesday morning.

In the video, you can hear the buzzing sound being made by the thousands of bees. It was enough to scare some of our younger viewers.

“I think it’s like very weird for bees to be here,” said Carson, a fourth grade student. “And it’s very dangerous of course.”

But Florida Gulf Coast Entomologist Dr. Joyce Fassbender said there is no need to worry.

“It seems very scary because it’s a lot of bees and bees can sting,”Ā Fassbender said. “But the bees don’t really want to sting you because it’s worse for the bees than it is for you.”

Big swarms are a sign of healthy hives, according to the FGCU professor, which means more pollinators for plant life.

“Well bees swarm to establish a new hive,”Ā Fassbender said. “Around this time of year, the hives are making new queens. If it’s a healthy hive, then there may actually be more bees in the hive than can actually survive in that hive.

“The old queen and some of her old workers will actually leave the hive to find somewhere else to nest,”Ā Fassbender said.

That is something many feel is worth protecting, including Isabell who is a fifth grade student.

“Keep the bees safe,” Isabell said.

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