Port Charlotte couple arrested after trying to have dog killed

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Susana and Lazaro Deleon – Photos courtesy of Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

A Port Charlotte dog was destined for death when her owners brought her to get put down because of a serious ear infection. But all the dog needed was a little veterinary care. Now her owners are facing serious charges

On Tuesday, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested Susana Padilla Deleon and Lazaro De Jesus Deleon after staff at Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County found they had neglected their dog.

In January, animal control says the Deleons’ dog, Madeline Channell, was found neglected and in serious pain.

Officials said the couple claimed their dog was old, blind and deaf. But they believe Madeline Channell was a victim of long-time neglect. Staff noticed the silver and white poodle mix was blind and deaf with severe ear infections, causing bleeding and ulcerations.

“We do get cases where people just drop off the animal, and we go, ‘Oh, this might be abuse,’” said Karen Slomba, executive director of the Animal Welfare League.

After seeing the dog, Slomba’s staff immediately called Charlotte County Animal Control.

“We always want to give people the benefit of the doubt,” Slomba said. “But there are times where we go, ‘I just can’t believe there are people like that out there.’”

Animal control told us veterinarians were able to partially restore the dog’s hearing and sight.

Both Susana and Lazaro faces charges for Abandonment Of Animals and a charge for animal cruelty.


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