Proposed Cape Coral noise fines could cost you up to $500

Reporter: Taylor Petras Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Cape Coral City Hall. Credit: WINK News.

If the music in your car is too loud or you’re throwing a party, you may get cited for being too noisy. Believe it or not, an officer would not have to hear it either. A local city is proposing a new noise ordinance with those set rules involved.

The City of Cape Coral said its proposed noise ordinance would create new guidelines for police to hand out citations for anyone making noise in the city.

“We have triple-pane windows on the front of the house, and they vibrate,” Bill Naedele said. “It makes so much noise.”

Naedele said it’s a problem he’s been dealing with for a year and a half.

“You can’t even hear the music,” Naedele said. “All you hear is just vibrations. It’s like a deep, deep vibration.”

The new ordinance in Cape Coral would include loud cars that can be heard from 50 feet away.

“There is a line to be drawn,” Mike McCartney said. “Some of these cars are getting pretty loud.”

The new rules would also let an officer issue a citation without hearing a ruckus.

“I think as long as the witness seems credible or there are more witnesses, I would be in favor of that,” Pat Powers said.

This will likely be met with opposition by more than one individual, however.

“I think they’d have to have more than one complaint or be there physically to really know what’s going on,” Lynne-Marie Maylott said.

Evidence an officer might need includes video from witnesses, factoring in the time of the complaint and whether there’s been calls to about a house previously for noise.

“If it’s based on a neighbor’s complaint, and they didn’t have any firsthand knowledge of it, it seems like a stretch,” McCartney said.

Police would give potential noise ordinance violators a five-minute warning to turn down the volume. If they don’t adhere to the warning, first-time offenders get slapped with a $150 fine. Continued offenders would get a $500 fine for any offense within a year after the first one.

While some neighbors think the proposed ordinance may be a reach to keep the noise down, others like Naedele are hoping it gets passed by the city council.

“I’d love to see this guy get a ticket,” Naedele said.

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