Jury finds Ryan Doyon guilty of manslaughter in the 2017 death of Roy Pike

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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A jury found Ryan Doyon guilty of manslaughter Friday for the 2017 death of Roy A. Pike III.

The jury also found Doyon guilty on four counts of discharging a firearm in public, both lesser charges.

At 8:30 a.m. Friday court reconvened for day four of the trial. This is the second trial for Doyon after a mistrial was declared in March after a jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

The court has also ordered a pre-sentencing investigation. Doyon will remain in custody pending sentencing on August, 26.

The State Attorney’s Office says it’s possible for Doyon to get the maximum sentence of 30 years in prison on the manslaughter charge.

Doyon’s family and attorney declined to comment.


The jury will decide guilt or innocence for Doyon for one count of Second-Degree Murder and four counts of Shooting into a Dwelling.

The jury also has the option to charge him with Manslaughter instead of Second Degree Murder and Discharging a Firearm in public.

On the first day of the trial, two different storylines emerged in the case.

“This wasn’t an accident, this wasn’t self-defense,” said Sara Miller with the State Attorney’s Office. “This was second-degree murder.”

“This was a targeted home invasion robbery,” said defense attorney Peter Aiken.

On Thursday, the third day of the trial, the defense has called a friend of Pike, both a Cape Coral Police Department forensic crime scene investigator and the detective from on the case.

Pike’s friend testified that she was with him the day before the shooting. She said Pike told her someone had a “lick” or robbery for him. The woman said she gave him a change of clothes.

There was lengthy testimony of an Under Armour backpack. It was found near the crime scene and the testimony pertained to whether there were holes in them.

Ultimately, the crime scene investigator did confirm there were holes in the backpack, but she could not determine what created the holes. Inside the backpack, they found small bags of marijuana, a watch and receipts from Doyon’s debit card. Investigators found Pikes blood inside the backpack.

The lead detective on the case testified that Pike’s DNA was the only one found on the small pistol that was laying near him at the scene. The detective said his blood was all over it.

The defense brought up there were five missed calls. The detective said they were able to trace those calls back to a number and a person. But they do not discuss who that person was from the phone calls.

Next, the defense asked if the keys to the safe in the defendant’s home were ever swabbed for fingerprints. The detective said she does not remember if they were swabbed.

The state asked the detective if she felt there was a need to swab for more because they were able to tell who the shooter and victim were right away and no one else was hurt, which led the detective to respond, “yes.”

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