Jury finds man guilty of manslaughter in shooting of neighbor

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Matias Abril
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The jury has reached a decision in the fate of a man accused of shooting his neighbor in a feud. They found him guilty of manslaughter.

The second day in the trial of James Gainvors for the death of Matt Hanson went into closing arguments Wednesday, and the jury returned to the courtroom with a verdict just before 8:30 p.m.

Gainvors broke down sobbing and shaking at hearing the verdict and repeatedly said, “I’m sorry.”

There was so much emotion in the courtroom. Both the victim’s and the convict’s families were in tears holding each other crying.

Gainvors let his emotions flow as he was taken into custody and said, “I’m not going home, so what the [expletive] does it matter?”

He took his tie off and threw it, and you could hear him screaming and moaning as bailiffs took him away to jail.

He was charged in the shooting of his neighbor on July 5.

Deputies said Gainvors shot his neighbor outside his home on Corinne Avenue in Port Charlotte.

In defense, he said he feared for himself and for his family, but the prosecution argued Gainvors killed Hanson because he hated him.

“When I drew my gun, I didn’t think he was gonna stop,” Gainvors said as he recalled that day. “I thought he was gonna kill us I didn’t want to shoot him, but he didn’t. He kept coming closer and closer.”

He had a choice to shoot him on July 5 or put the weapon away. Gainvors chose to fire, said the defense.

During closing arguments, Gainvors once again broke down in tears. His attorney said when he shot Hanson, it was because he was terrified of what Hanson would do.

The prosecution said whatever happened in the past does not justify killing someone.

Gainvors faces up to 15 years in prison. The sentence is now in the judge’s hands.

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