Roofers with trail of unhappy customers lose their licenses

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Two roofers who left a trail of unhappy customers officially lost their licenses.

Chris Dutruch with My Affordable Roof and Josh Campbell of Campbell Roofing and Sheet Metal of Florida can’t work in Florida as roofers anymore.

The Department of Business and Profession Regulation signed off on its final order Thursday during its meeting in Stuart, FL.

This means clients should have an easier time trying to get their money back through the State’s Construction Recovery Fund.

While some My Affordable Roof clients were made whole, Campbell clients like Sam Azraq of North Naples are a different story.

This fund is his shot at a golden ticket.

“I feel like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Azraq said.

The State Recovery Fund is his last real chance at getting back any of his nearly $20,000 back.

“It’s on your mind all the time,” Azraq said.

That’s because no one WINK has spoken with has gotten any money back from Campbell, even with a court judgment.

But now that Campbell lost his license, Azraq is prepping his claim filling out forms, collecting documents and answering questions.

“It’s been a long process,” Azraq said.

He chose Campbell Roofing & Sheet Metal of FL in Cape Coral for the job a year ago because they worked together previously.

“That’s why my business went there because I’d already had a relationship with him, which was fine in the past,” Azraq said.

He even referred his neighbor Kathy Myhre to the roofer. Myhre also paid Campbell almost $20,000 for nothing, something Azraq feels guilt over.

“She’s innocent in all this and I feel bad about it,” Azraq said.

Even if they both apply for the recover fund the money isn’t guaranteed.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation received 139 claims via the 2017-18 State Recovery Fund.

Of that number, 77 of those claims were eligible. Of the eligible claims, 44 of them were awarded money. The average claim pay out was $35,660.85. The Florida legislature appropriated $5.5 million dollars which was available for consumers during the 2017-18 fiscal year. The amount varies from year to year depending on how much the legislature decides to appropriate.

But hope is what Azraq is holding onto.

“I think we were misled at the very least,” Azraq said. “And it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. What can you do? You have to look forward and not look back.”

Campbell’s lawyer tells us he [Campbell] voluntarily turned in his roofing license to make it easier for people to apply for the fund, and that a single employee stole from him.

His lawyer added that Mr. Campbell is in the process of dissolving his corporation and will be filing bankruptcy in the very near future.

We reached out to My Affordable Roof for comment, and they did not respond. The business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early August and said at the time it was to “preserve the company’s ability to finish the jobs.”

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The Florida Office of the Attorney General has a consumer protection investigation into both businesses.

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