Tragic yet incredible video shows bears trying to help injured cub

Reporter: Taylor Smith
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Bears try to help injured bear (Photo from video by Lisha Deshay)

Disturbing video shows a family of bears in Immokalee trying to help one of their own. Drivers could not believe what they saw. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said a car hit a cub and it later died.

Lisha DeShay was freaking out when she took the video. “It was heartbreaking to see that,” she said. “It crushed me.” DeShay stopped in the middle of the road and saw the bears trying to bring a cub to safety after the furry animal was hit by a car.

“I see myself as a momma bear,” DeShay said. “I have a baby, so a baby in the road hit mean whether it’s a bear or a human, it’s sad.” It is a sight DeShay told WINK News that she will never forget. Already, the incident has been on her mind all day.

But DeShay is not the only one who finds the video tragic. Lourdes Verra, an Immokalee neighbor, said the video resonated with her worst fears. “You see a mom trying to protect her cub and she’s pulling him off the road,” Verra said. “And that’s very, very, sad.”

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Residents said car and bear encounters are happening more frequently. They want something done, so they never have to see this disturbing incident again.

“They should put signs for people to know and to be safe,” Verra said.

“People need to be aware and drive carefully at night,” DeShay said.

The FWC said despite our warm climate, bears still hibernate, leaving the animals nearby these busy roads. If you see an injured bear, stay in the car and contact the FWC’s hotline as soon as possible.

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