Cape Coral police crack down on drivers cutting through parking lots

CREDIT: Cape Coral Police

Sitting in traffic is frustrating and as season approaches there will be a lot more traffic and tension will rise.

Cape Coral police are warning, “there are going to be drivers who are not willing to wait in the line of traffic to make a right turn. Some of these drivers will cut through the parking lot of businesses to beat the traffic. This can be dangerous to the people in these parking lots.”

Is this legal? Police say no.

According to Florida Statute 316.074 Obedience to and required traffic control devices.

“No person shall drive any vehicle from a roadway to another roadway to avoid obeying the indicated traffic control indicated by such a traffic control device.”

The statute is very clear, cutting through a parking lot is driving from one roadway to another to avoid the light, intersection, or having to make a u-turn to get to your destination.

Doing this is a moving infraction and holds three points and a fine of $163.00.

CCPD says it is not worth the fine, the points or possibly being involved in a parking lot crash. Leave early and avoid the rush.

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