Changes coming to Cape Coral trash pick up

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
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Trash problem in Cape Coral

Garbage in Cape Coral can sometimes pile up as trash crews make their regular pickups, and it can often become a smelly mess for residents.

That is why on Monday, the city is doing something to keep the trash contained.

Some of the changes they are making to prevent the overflow of trash are establishing a bulk pickup day and clearly defining to homeowners what counts as bulk trash.

The city will make clear what they define as bulk trash, at Monday’s meeting.

We spoke with one woman who says for the past two weeks, she’s had trash sitting on her front lawn.

“A week ago I had somebody dump something in front of my property, which I try to keep well-maintained. I called them and they said a date with the next time they would come pick it up but it’s been at least a week, maybe two weeks,” said Cape Coral resident, Laura Carloni.

It will also touch on what trash is and is not, and how to deal with it. One change is remove compliant portions of the bulk pile, and notify code enforcement about the non-compliant pile.

That will lead to a change in the compliance deadline.

It would shift from 10 days to 48 hours, and Waste Pro would need to remove the trash the following day.

While many residents have their complaints, there are some people in the city who say they have no displeasure with their service.

“We wanted to get rid of an old couch, called them they said to put it out and they picked it up the next day… We had no issues at all so I was surprised because of what I had heard,” said Cape Coral resident, Jane Cortese.

In the compliance change, the homeowner would receive an invoice from Waste Pro for any trash that’s not supposed to be outside.

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