New tool could allow authorities keep database of threats made at schools

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Lee County police and schools are teaming up to make sure they are on the same page when it comes to threats or bad behavior at schools.

It’s a way for local agencies to share information like threats or behavior issues in our schools, all in one place – once authorities have the approval to apply for a grant. Everything would get saved on what’s called the “behavioral threat assessment” tool.

Here’s how it works:

Fort Myers and Cape Coral police, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Board will all have access to this tool. Whenever law enforcement responds to an incident at school— they will enter whatever happened onto that database.

The school board will hire a coordinator who looks over everything on there and will be in constant contact with the police.

The coordinator will immediately get ahold of law enforcement if they believe there is a threat and vice versa.

They will also keep a running track on how they go about disciplining or helping any specific student.

If approved—the school board and law enforcement will meet three times a year specifically to talk about what’s working and how they can improve this partnership.

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