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Charlotte County couple perform music for neighbors during quarantine

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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A couple in Charlotte County looked to brighten up their neighbors’ days. They’re used to playing for crowds but not at home, which is where they performed outside this weekend so neighbors could listen at a safe social distance in the community.

Cindy and Alan Klispie put on a show while also following social distancing guidelines to bring some entertainment to their neighbors in Charlotte County on Sunday.

“We had all this music, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to use it,” Cindy said.

With almost all of their neighbors stuck inside every evening, the Klispies set up their trumpets and put on a show

“It’s exciting,” Alan said. “It’s fun to see the neighbors come out and hear what’s going on.”

Next-door neighbor Yvette Ortiz was more than happy for the entertainment just outside her front door.

“They don’t realize that they just don’t impact the neighbors that are here but also all those people that are on Facebook and my friends sharing it from one community to another,” Ortiz said.

The Klispies performed everything from classics to the hits, such as songs by the Eagles.

“The whole spirit of togetherness, it’s just wonderful,” Ortiz said.

The Klispies said their live performances in the neighborhood are also reaching far and wide. Their performances are shared on Facebook, and people from Southwest Florida to Homestead and overseas to Italy are able to enjoy the music they make from afar.

“It’s just fun,” Cindy said. “It’s something different, but it’s something worthwhile.”