Grocery stores adding more precautions to keep shoppers safe

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg/Shutterstock (10583940a) Walmart empoyee wearing a facial mask Coronavirus outbreak, Hallandale, Florida, USA – 15 Mar 2020 Stores running out of food, cleaning and papers supplies as shoppers fear the Coronavirus outbreak in Hallandale, Florida.

These days grocery stores are where you are most likely to run into the biggest crowds when you leave your home, and changes are coming to keep you and workers safe.

To ensure safety to workers and shoppers, Walmart will now be using infrared thermometers to take their employee’s temperature.
If it reads 100 degrees the employee will be asked to return home and to call a doctor.

On top of that, the company is also providing masks and gloves to any employee that wants them.

Even though stores are taking proactive safety measures some people are opting to get their food and meals delivered.

Uber eats is one of many companies requiring its delivery drivers to leave food at the person’s doorstep to make sure there is absolutely no contact.

But some people don’t want to shop online or order take out.

Physicians assistant Robert Hawkes with Florida Gulf Coast University says there is very limited transmission that can occur through things like bags— which means your deliveries should be fine.

As for the supermarket, Hawkes says to take extra precautions when making those trips.

“Make sure they’re kind of washing down the carts—most of the stores are doing that now… If anyone is coughing or has any symptoms don’t go outside —self-quarantine yourself protect everyone else in your community,” said Hawkes.

Publix is also making a change and allowing workers to wear face masks and gloves.

What more can you do to protect yourself if you’re already wiping the cart and keeping your distance?

Here are some you maybe haven’t thought about:

  • Use a paper shopping list you can throw away so you don’t have to touch your phone
  • Contactless credit cards and self-checkout to avoid touching
  • At home, wash your hands after unpacking and wipe down surfaces

For more information about protecting yourself in public, you can visit the CDC website here.

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