Estero mom creates Facebook page dedicated to helping out neighbors in need

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan
Stoneybrook Neighbors Helping Neighbors Facebook page

You’ve heard us use the term “#GULFSHORE STRONG.” It’s a reminder that together we can get through this.

But when being physically close is not possible, an Estero mom found how we can be strong—from afar.

When store shelves were empty and the desire to stay home was strong—a craving for bananas lead Adria Gallagher to use social media to see if any neighbors could help her out.

She posted her request on Facebook, and she quickly received responses of neighbors willing to help out.

One neighbor replying, “I have a whole bunch and I can’t eat them all.”

Adria quickly realized—as more of us try to stay home, we can still help each other.

That’s when she created the page ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’.

She wrote, “Out of bread, trash bags, or the dreaded toilet paper? Post it and maybe someone can help.” She goes on to say—”Let’s save each other unnecessary trips to the store and help maintain social distancing.”

The requests aren’t just limited to groceries and toiletries, one person asked for banners and party streamers for a birthday—to make them feel special during this difficult time.

Another mom asked for food coloring for a craft her son’s teacher posted with e-learning.

“If we can reach out and help each other why not? It’s a great way to post things and post positive things about our community and know that we’re all in this together,” said Gallagher.

She also says this has brought the community closer together in general and plans to keep it up even once this is all over.

If you would like to create a similar page, just create the page on Facebook, make yourself an administrator, then you can approve the people who want to come in.

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