Future travel plans up in the air for most Americans

Reporter: Breana Ross
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Summer is right around the corner and that’s usually a hot time for travel.
We posed the question, are people looking ahead to plan trips for summer despite the pandemic?

One travel agent said he predicts if there is a summer travel season, most people packing up and heading somewhere will do so in their cars, sticking close to home.

Andres Mejia planned to spend his July in Austria, touring the country and working at a camp, “I’m like it’s not going to get much cheaper than this so I went ahead and bought a cheap ticket. Not knowing that it was going to turn into a worldwide pandemic.”

Mejia’s now fears his Austrian adventure is over before it started because he doubts it will be safe to travel overseas this summer.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen in June,” he added, “We don’t know what’s going to happen in July.”

Neither does anyone else.

With so many of us fighting cabin fever, the perfect medicine would be some sort of summer getaway. But with so much uncertainty most of you told us on Facebook that you’re planning to stay home.

Samm Cammarata is the owner of Bonita Beach Travel. He makes a living helping people travel near and far, but these days, people who call his phone want advice on how to get their money back.

“Most people have canceled their trips for the summer,” Cammarata explained.”I think people are going to stay home this summer, unfortunately.”

Cammarata said, with cruise lines docked, international travel restricted, and shelter-in-place orders across the U.S., he thinks it’s just too soon to start thinking about taking a trip to anywhere, “I can’t even try to sell it to people right now. I would feel guilty. I just think we need to know where this is going before we start planning again.”

And no one knows when that will be.

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