Lindsey’s lesson: Children’s Theatre Company

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan

In Wednesday’s Lindsey’s lesson, we are going to the theater.

The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis has a wealth of resources.

One of the sections Lindsey recommends was the “Create and do” list.

For example, they list indoor activities to spark the imagination. The first one is for crafters.

You pull out objects from recycling and have your child recreate characters from their favorite book and act them out.

One for your older kids that you want to learn improv. You have them pick out an object like a ruler, then they have to silently act out a scene pretending it’s something else like a fishing pole and the whole family guesses.

They also have several videos that take you behind the scenes.

How to be a technical director or one that talks all about how they made costumes for “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

For more information and to try it out with your kids visit the Children’s Theatre Company website HERE.

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