Parking your car in the grass is no longer allowed in Cape Coral

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Car parked on grass (WINK News)

Parking your car in the grass is no longer allowed in Southwest Florida’s largest city.

The City of Cape Coral just voted to ban it. Some cheer the city’s move, saying people parking in the grass is a big eyesore. Others feel it’s nobody’s business what they do on their own property.

It’s a hot issue in Cape Coral and we’ve gotten a lot of emails about people parking in the grass and the city’s decision to outlaw it.

Being a sticky neighborhood issue, people like to vent, but not on camera. We did find one man who says he understands both sides of the argument.

It’s something pretty common to see in Florida, but effective immediately, all cars, trucks and vans are prohibited from parking on the grass in Cape Coral.

It doesn’t matter if you own the car, or if you’re having friends over.

Cape Coral’s Fred Williams is all for the grass parking ban. He says he thinks it’s the right move for everyone.

“I’d prefer they didn’t because I don’t think it looks good,” he said. “Plus, it’s not good for the grass or the sprinkler system.”

But Williams admitted he understands why neighbors might disagree with him.

“I also believe that everyone needs their own individual choice,” he said.

This wasn’t the only change that was made at Monday’s meeting. City Council also decided to allow up to two pickup trucks or light vans with graphics to be parked in a driveway or on a surface per residential parcel.

Previously, these vehicles with business advertisements were not allowed.

Right now, the city says it’s not going to look for violators. Instead, it’s focusing on educating the changes to neighbors.

In a statement, the city also said, “Keep in mind, state law allows vehicles to be parked parallel to the roadway in the city-owned right-of-way. This is typically about 12-15 feet from the edge of the pavement.”

Mayor Joe Coviello weighed in on the ban, saying it’s to preserve the niceness of Cape Coral.

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