Dance teacher makes video for students in place of usual live performance

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Of course, many activities and extracurriculars have had to go digital because of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“After the whole COVID, whenever we had to switch to zoom classes, it was a big change,” said Quinnlan Conrey, one of the dancers with Dance Impact.

Usually, these dancers practice their routines for months to get them just right for recitals. But since they could be in person Dance Impact owner and Teacher Tracee Brann knew she couldn’t let all that talent go to waste.

Brann said, “Each year they do the recital, they have their recital video, and they watch them as they grow up from year, to year, to year. And I just thought they can’t not have that memory, what can I do?”

So this year, Brann let around 320 girls perform in their living rooms with full hair and makeup. All to give the girls a recital video, and experience,  like no other.

The process, however, was not speedy. “That took awhile. The parents all started their videos at different times so I had to like get each video on the same stuff as best that I could,” Brann said laughing.

All in all, it took Tracee Brann about three weeks’ worth of effort to make two, two-hour-long recital videos.

The dancers are definitely grateful for her hard work.

“I can’t believe that she put it together so beautifully and everything,” said Jaymee Brann, daughter and Dance Impact dancer.

Brann wanted to show her girls that she appreciates their hard work and dedication. But also, that sometimes you just have to improvise.

“Dance is their life, you know. They are so dedicated and it’s part of who they are,” she said.

Brann plans on making another video to showcase the ballet performances. But, she hopes next year, her girls can go back to performing live and sharing their talents with the world.

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