People in Clewiston preparing for Isaias in their own ways

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Drew Hill
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Some in Clewiston felt it necessary to prep for Tropical Storm Isaias while others…not so much.

“I actually thought it done passed. I was just doing normal shopping,” said Danny Rhinehart.

Others out today at the local big box store in Clewiston said they are waiting on direction from WINK News Chief Meteorologist Jim Farrell.

“Until we hear from your meteorologist That’s when we know we need to be more serious about it or not,” said Maria Ventura, another shopper out today.

Ventura made sure to stock up on canned goods and water. But also mentioned that she wasn’t that worried.

“It’s not even something we are thinking about,” Ventura added.

But Laura Smith made sure her whole list was crossed off because she was taking the storm very seriously.

I have a generator at home that I turn on just to keep my stuff good and I’m prepared and if the neighbors are missing something we can help them out too,” Smith said. “just staying close to home, making sure my cattle and horse are safe, and just watching out for any unnecessary flooding.”

Everyone who was out in Clewiston today says they’ve experienced countless hurricanes and storms so they’ve all developed plans that worked for them. Even Danny Rhinehart, who said he would’ve left town if it turned back into a hurricane.

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