State pediatric report shows spike in Collier County child COVID-19 cases; doctor says it’s too early to tell

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According to a Florida Department of Health pediatric report, Collier County is fourth in high numbers for children testing positive for the coronavirus.

This is something that is worrying parents with school starting Monday.

“I don’t want them to stay behind, and it’s not the same to stay home watching the teachers on TV,” parent Greisy Toste said.

Toste is a mother of three and has 6-year-old twins. She says she has worried herself sick about the kids going back to school.

“I’ve had a lot of migraines,” Toste said. “I’m hoping they will be fine.”

Her worry has increased after hearing there was a recent spike in COVID-19 cases for children under the age of 10.

“If that’s the case, I will pull them out, and they will be homeschooled again,” Toste said.

“It is very concerning,” Vickie Davis said. “IN 40 years, I never thought I would see education like this.”

The state health department’s pediatric report shows Collier County has a 21.7% positivity rate.

We spoke to Dr. Rebekah Bernard, the president of Collier County Medical Society. She said more review of these new numbers needs to be had.

“I think it’s too early to tell whether or not this is truly a spike,” Bernard said. “When I reviewed the numbers, it seemed like it was going down. But then there was just a little bump up over the last day or two. It’s a little early to see if that will trend up.”

Bernard says there is no need to worry.

“We know that any time people are out and about, there is always going to be an increase chance to spread viral infection,” Bernard said. “I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a spike in COVID cases when kids will be out and about again.”

Dr. Bernard told us, when kids do go back to school, if they are exposed to COVID-19, it is still safest to stay home for 14 days. She says hand washing will be the most important thing in schools to keep the numbers from spiking.

Although Bernard and parents are expecting to see even more of a spike when kids go back to school, they are positive the school district is taking all necessary precautions to keep kids safe.

“We are still one of the best counties,” Toste said. “So if we can improve and take care of families the way we have, we can get through it.”

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