Antibody testing shows COVID-19 protection

Reporter: Amy Oshier
A Southwest Florida company can help you figure out what kind of protection you have from COVID-19. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Just this week, the Federal Drug Administration authorized a new COVID-19 booster.

This one is aimed directly at the omicron variant.

After getting a series of shots, people may be wondering whether they need this one in order to stay protected.

Chances are many are wondering about their COVID defenses and whether they have antibodies from the vaccine or from acquiring COVID-19.

But it turns out there are two tests for that.

“One is for the natural antibodies, which will still detect if you had it two years ago and have minimum risk; it may not even give you any protection because you still can get it, either way, multiple times,” said Sabine Mueller, lab director with Mytest Diagnostics. “And the other is a different test, and they’re not co-interfering with each other. So if you get the vaccine, it doesn’t show you that you had natural antibodies and vice versa.”

MyTest Diagnostics in Fort Myers offers in-depth antibody testing.

It’s a concierge lab, certified with a complex license.

WINK News Health and Medical Reporter Amy Oshier had her blood drawn to see if she was still protected. Results come back in a few hours. Oshier’s results concluded she had antibodies derived from the vaccine.

It can be a critical question for people with serious medical conditions or who are undergoing treatment that might sap their defenses.

“There are certain guidelines that I have seen from oncologists, for example, that they say they would like to see their patients having at least a titer of 10,000 antibodies. Regular people were protected with like 1,000 as a number,” Mueller said.

The added knowledge can help in deciding whether to get an additional shot.

“I do like our tests because it actually puts a number on it,” Mueller said.

Danielle Miller, who is getting married this weekend, likes the option to test her defenses.

“Like, if you kind of knew that info, the more knowledge, the better, in my opinion,” Miller said.

The private lab is open to the public or through a doctor’s order. Insurance may cover the testing if there is a medical need.

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