Voting on Election Day looked different this year after many voted early

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cape voting
Cape Coral Precinct 109

Everyone has their own journey, belief, or story that brought them to Precinct 109 in Cape Coral today. And while everyone here may have differing political opinions they are all Americans and proud to vote.

“I’m actually a political science major at FGCU, ” said one voter in line today. She is the daughter of two immigrants and is determined to vote for the first time.

“In a lot of Latin American countries they don’t have that option, so I really grew into politics,” said Ashley Tobon of Cape Coral.

She also hoped to capture this historic election for future generations. “For future references, for my children just to see that I was able to come out here and give my voice out,” Tobon said.

She wasn’t the only first-timer showing off her “I Voted” sticker. “It’s something we need to do and should do and I should’ve done it a long time ago. But I will always cast my vote from now on,” said Michael Furey.

Further down the line were more seasoned voters. This one is religious. “I belong to a prayer group. We get on the phone every morning and we’re praying for this election,” said Julia Steelman.

This voter is nostalgic. His late father was a precinct captain when he was seven years old. “They used to go door to door to get the word out. They would pick you up and take you to the polls back in those days,” said Patrick Shanahan.

“It was a big thing to him. It really was. Everyone has to come out no matter what the line is. You have to wait. And a long line is a good line,” Shanahan said. “That’s a good thing for the country.”

From first time voters to those in prayer groups praying for the outcome of the election, Tuesday marked an election like no other.

This year’s election saw record mail-in voting and record early voting. Tonight, we could set a record for overall turnout.

“I know it’s my right to vote, I’m going to do it, and I owe it to the country,” Shanahan said.

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