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Program developed in SWFL helps woman get her steps – and her life – back

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A Southwest Florida woman never thought she’d exercise or walk again, but thanks to a new program, she has gotten her life back.

Maureen Grindlay has been living with multiple sclerosis since the early 80s. For her, the simple act of moving was too much.

“I was getting very discouraged this time. I really didn’t think I was going to get it back,” Grindlay said.

Her mobility issues weren’t the only concern; she also worried about treating them.

“It gets very expensive when you run out of that insurance money. There are people who need it constantly – and you just can’t get it enough.”

So she found a new way. At her own pace, she went through a new online program: the STABILIFE System, a series of videos created by physical and occupational therapists that teach users how to maintain their balance and avoid falls by correcting their posture.

Stephanie Gomez helped create the program to meet a need in home health care at a fraction of the cost of a trainer or therapy.

“To bring somebody like a certified trainer to do exercises with you, it’s about $60 to $120 an hour,” Gomez said.

Now, after three months, Grindlay says she can walk around the block.

“You get your life back when you can go places and do things with people,” she said.

The program Grindlay used was started in Southwest Florida. You find out more about it by clicking here.