FGCU fraternity unhappy with University Police; wants to protect peers with new program

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x on car at FGCU

After some women found an “X” keyed into their cars near FGCU’s campus, they worry they’ve been targeted, and while University Police say this is just an urban myth, one fraternity on campus wants to help protect fellow students so this doesn’t keep happening.

These marks on students’ cars at FGCU are making everyone afraid for their safety. Unsubstantiated reports fueled by social media across the country say an “X” mark made on a car by a criminal is a signal to other criminals that the victim is a “good target” for victimizing.

“The concerns are at an all-time high since I’ve been at the university the past two years,” said Ian Scott, member of the Sigma Chi fraternity chapter at FGCU.

He heard about the concerns of his friends and fellow students and knew he had to do something. He formed the “Walk Her Home” program with his brothers of the fraternity.

Girls can go to the fraternity’s Instagram page and reach out to brothers who are on-call at the off-campus complex.

“It’s sad that we were the ones who had to start this program, but I’m glad we did and I’m glad that these girls will get the safety and the help that they need,” Scott said.

Scott and his brothers understand the risk involved with protecting other students.

“If you’re comfortable enough to do so, we’re willing to risk ourselves to do this,” he said.

The main goal is to make sure that women feel safe on and off campus.

“We’re not doing this for social gain. We’re not doing this to meet new people. This is 100% solely so you can get these girls home safely,” Scott said.

He also says that more fraternities on FGCU’s campus are ready to help with this program. He hopes to expand it to other universities in the future.

WINK News reached out to University Police Chief Steven Moore to get his response to the efforts of these students but we have not heard back.

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