Two young women pose as grandmothers to get a first-dose COVID-19 vaccine

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Women dress up as elderly people to get vaccines
Women dress up as elderly people to get vaccines

Two young women posed as elderly people and were able to get their first COVID-19 vaccine dose. But they were caught after trying to get their second in Orange County. Now, there are procedures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen in Southwest Florida.

Unfortunately, this is what it’s come to. “This is the point we are at right now, for your selfishness of stealing a vaccine.”

WINK News showed people in the community this video of two young women, dressed as elderly women trying, to get their second dose of the vaccine.

Zoila Davis says “That’s crazy!”

The video shows law enforcement confronting the two young ladies that were both wearing bonnets and gloves.

Brianna and Nicole can’t believe this happened. “So somebody needs to do a better job, at screening up top,” they said.

The videos striking a chord with people in Southwest Florida. “You’ve stolen a vaccine from someone that needs it more than you,” you can hear in the video.

“My in-laws are in, you know, their 70s. My grandma is 80,” Davis said.

Davis also worries that there are other people like these women taking vaccines away from the most vulnerable.

“It’s hard for them to be able to get that vaccine or even get into an appointment to get it. So for people to go through that length, being young and being possibly healthy, that’s two vaccines taken away from two elderly who really need it,” she said.

Lee County officials told WINK News there are safeguards in place to make sure something like that doesn’t happen here. After their appointment is confirmed, people’s government-issued IDS are then checked to verify who is receiving the shot.

“If you guys try to do this again you’re not going to get a vaccine. We aren’t. We are so sorry,” the video says.

Without knowing when the vaccine will be opened up to more people and age groups, some said they understand what would drive someone to do this.

Mike and Tana Langmack are from Minnesota. “I hate to say it, but desperate people are doing desperate things,” they said. “It’s a bummer for them. Now they have half a vaccine.”

Both women were issued trespassing warnings. They are now flagged by the Florida Department of Health’s system and if they show up again, they will be arrested.

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