Push to ban COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Collier County

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A task force is looking to stop all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Collier County.

The idea is to spell out your rights regarding healthcare, and the vote is Tuesday.

The state already largely bans the mandates. But several of the people WINK News spoke to on Monday agreed with no mandates; most said they want the choice for themselves.

The so-called “COVID Tyranny Task Force” wants to ensure there are no more vaccine mandates.

Scott Kiley is a COVID Tyranny Task Force member in Collier County who spoke with WINK about what they are doing.

“We believe in a free society. There’s no place for medical mandates,” Kiley said.

Woman getting COVID-19 vaccine. CREDIT WINK News

They propose adopting what they call the “Collier County Health Freedom Resolution.”

“As far as rights and options when it comes to, you know, battling maybe discrimination or getting in the workplace, or battling, maybe, an employer who’s asking them to get vaccinated, or maybe a school that is trying to coerce into a vaccination,” Kiley said.

Some people in Collier County told WINK they support this.

“I don’t want anyone to decide what is good and bad for me. I want to decide for myself and for my family,” said Dagmara Molinska.

“I believe each individual should have the right to choose for themselves,” said Tiffany Bass.

While others see the need for mandates as they were.

“I do think after losing seven people since 2020, that for specific situations, it should be mandated, for instance, nursing, excuse me, nursing home, staff and workers, you know, people that are vulnerable,” Bass said.

“At this point, I’m not for mandate; I understood in the beginning. when there wasn’t a lot of understanding of what it was and how to treat it. The mandates probably were okay,” said Naples man Dan Christopulos.

On Tuesday, Collier County commissioners will vote on adopting the Collier County Health Freedom Resolution, sponsored by Commissioner Hall.

The COVID Tyranny Task Force will also propose an ordinance to establish the “Collier County Health Freedom Bill of Rights,” which details people’s rights given through state statutes.

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