Cape Coral neighbors having trouble getting water to their homes

Author: Taylor Wirtz Writer: Drew Hill
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Cape water and fire
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People in a Cape Coral neighborhood are upset that they cannot get water to their homes. They believe it could be years before they see any relief.

And while not everyone in the neighborhood running into this issue, many fear that they could.

While Becky Bushey and her husband are from Vermont, they do love their neighborhood and home in Cape Coral. They don’t like the water issues they’re dealing with right now.

“We use bottled water to drink to water our dogs and cats to do our dishes to fill her coffee pot so we are basically campers in our own home,” Bushey said.

Becky Bushey and her husband are from Vermont. Cape Coral is their second home. But, when it’s dry season their well dries up.

“We ran out of water a week ago it burnt out our pump. We had absolutely no warning with the sputtering of the faucet or anything,” said Bushey.

She blames the building boom coming to Cape Coral. All of that new construction is tapping into the same water table.

“So we are kind of living like campers. We flush all toilets only when absolutely necessary We’re not showering every day I don’t do laundry I take it to the laundromat I don’t use my dishwasher were using all paper goods and plastic utensils,” said Bushey.

Becky’s neighbors aren’t feeling that same water pain. But one of them says she’s worried she’s next on the list.

Nicole Ford is one of those neighbors. “There’s several new houses going up, and they’re going up fast. So they’re digging the water, the wells far deeper than what ours are at, and that’s supposed to be contributing to the lack of Wells now or the wells running dry,” Ford said.

The city’s long-term plan is to convert every neighborhood on well water to city water. But we know that could take years possibly even decades.

“I love Cape Coral and I don’t wanna come across as you know not loving it here. We love our lifestyle here we feel very blessed to be here, but not having water is a huge huge issue and something has to be done,” said Ford.

The South Florida Water Management District says they know aquifer levels are low and may soon issue a water restriction advisory.

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