Shots fired at park in Alva leaves people scrambling, two hit

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charleston park shooting
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Shots were fired at a park Saturday night, leaving multiple people running and screaming for their lives.

The shooting that took place at Charleston Park happened as an event to honor those doing good in the community was abruptly ended.

Neighbors and community members at Charleston Park say on Saturday they saw flashing lights and a helicopter overhead.

A day that started with celebration ended in gunfire.

Clenton Masters is one of those neighbors. “In the evening I heard the music or and so forth over there. All of a sudden I heard it stop and then we hear gunshots,” Masters said.

Surenla McGee also lives in Alva and says multiple shots were fired. “It wasn’t just one shot. It was four or five shots,” McGee said.

Then, people began running. “People start scattering around there,” said Masters.

“And the children you know fear for their lives. Children running and hollering,” said McGee.

Clenton Masters says he’s never seen so many police cars.

Seeing law enforcement respond en masse to Charleston Park is rare. In the last 13 months, Lee County Sheriff’s deputies have responded to shots fired there just three times. This includes the shooting on Saturday night.

This violence is what ended Charleston Park Day, which is set aside each year to honor people who have made a difference in the neighborhood.

“We don’t have no violence out here. You see my car window down? If I stayed in Fort Myers you think I have my car window down?” McGee said.

“Everybody is feeling the same way. I mean upset and surprised and wondering what is taken place,” Masters said.

Those who live there all still believe this neighborhood is safe.

“I still believe it’s a good neighborhood. I like it here and I hope wherever it’s coming from that is behind us,” Masters said. “We’ll overcome because we don’t have stuff like this going on, we will overcome.”

Both people who were shot were transported to the hospital.

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