Cape Coral neighborhood tired of trashy home under construction

Writer: Melissa Montoya
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A home under construction is a magnet for trash upsetting neighbors. (CREDIT: WINK News)

A home under construction in Cape Coral is being called an eyesore by neighbors due to trash.

A mattress, litter and even a makeshift dumpster with the words “trash” written in Spanish on the side.

Neighbors hope it gets picked up soon.

“You’ve got couches, you’ve got outdoor furniture, you’ve got beds,” said Sheri Nottingham, who lives next door to the property.

“These are projectiles for a storm and that could be dangerous and somebody could trip, fall,” Nottingham added.

Nottingham said the home has been under construction for two years but in recent months people have used it for a trash dump.

“You’ve got lots of rats and snakes galore,” Nottingham said. “I mean I’ve never seen so many snakes in the area,”

The city of Cape Coral said the property in the 2500 block of NW 13th Street has several code violations for overflowing dumpsters, overgrown grass and issues with fencing.

The city said the case has not been assigned a hearing date and no fines have been issued, but the company has been in contact with code compliance and is working to correct the issues.

No one knows who is leaving the trash on the property but there are security cameras. A city spokesperson said unless someone is caught dumping trash, the property owner is responsible for picking up the mess.

“People, they don’t have any idea what that cost and they just dump their garbage into their dumpster which they are paying for it and that’s not fair,” said Luis Mones, of Cape Coral.

Nottingham said she hopes the home is constructed soon.

“Put the house up for sale so the family can enjoy living here. Once they start doing some more of that activity onto here and it’s not just this abandoned shell I think the dumping will stop,”  Nottingham said.



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