Cape Coral woman wants city to intervene after cars have crashed into her property 4 times

Writer: Drew Hill
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Cape coral car into home
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A woman is pleading with the City of Cape Coral to do something after four different cars have crashed into her home or yard on four different occasions. Her home has been damaged a few times.

A Ring camera shows a car speeding through the neighborhood just before it crashes into Lauri Langone’s house on SE 20th Court.

There has yet to be an estimation into how much the damage from the most recent crash will cost to fix but you can see exactly where the car crashed. It left a pile of cinderblock, glass, and debris.

The car slammed into her front window and it is now boarded up. Her house still bears scars from previous crashes.

This marks the fourth time a car has either ended up in her yard or hit her home. The homeowner says it has to stop.

When Langone first bought her home nine years ago, she imagined that it’d be her safe haven and not the site of multiple crashes.

“To think, that you have to be worried sitting on your sofa that a car’s going to come kill you in your own home; it’s a very, very hard thing,” Langone said.

The latest crash involved a drunk driver. A nearby Ring doorbell camera recorded a video of a driver speeding down Bolado Parkway. The crash can be heard just seconds later.

The police report from the Cape Coral Police Department says a neighbor witnessed the car slam into the house. The driver, Cara Gritten, attempted to run away but the neighbor tackled her.

“Just to walk out my door, and I knew what I was gonna see, but it was horrible to see headlights, like, in your living room. It was like a bomb had gone off in the house,” Langone said.

She says she leaves her lights on at night. She’s looked into putting up a fence. And now, after the latest crash, she wants the city to get involved.

“I’m thinking rumble strips or something. There has to be something to alert these people,” Langone said. “I always felt like well, this is my problem. I was stupid enough to buy a house at an intersection, stupid and thinking that people wouldn’t get drunk and drive through a stop sign and hit my house.”

“Naïve that I am but I just feel like maybe now I don’t want to see somebody get killed. Myself included,” said Langone.

It is hard to blame Langone for that after everything she’s been through.

A traffic engineering study by the city began Tuesday and should be completed next week to determine what action will be taken if any.

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