20-year-old accused of shooting couple with water bead gun in Naples

Reporter: Taylor Smith Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Jospeh Noel, 20. Credit: Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Two people were ambushed and shot in the face with water beads from a water bead gun, similar to an airsoft gun that shoots plastic pellets. It happened while the pair left a restaurant along 5th Avenue in Naples.

Tuesday, Naples Police Department arrested 20-year-old Joseph Noel, who faces two counts of battery, after he was accused of shooting the couple with the water bead gun.

We don’t know the victims’ conditions Wednesday, but we are working to find out.

People we spoke to on 5th Ave were shocked to hear about the incident happening in the downtown area.

“It’s dangerous, pellets, airsoft, everything,” Robert Fronk said.

According to the Naples police report, the couple was walking out of Cafe Milano when they were hit on the chin and the eyebrow after dinner.

“That can put someone’s eye out,” Fronk said. “That’s serious stuff.”

The couple noticed an Orange Dodge Charger pass them and saw an airsoft-type gun firing from the vehicle. They were able to catch a part of the tag on the car, so officers were able to track down the suspect and pull over the vehicle he was in.

“I guess the kids didn’t have anything better to do, but they should find something better to do than do pellets or whatever,” Fronk said.

Five people were in the car, and investigators also found a “Splat-R-Ball Water Bead Blaster,” which can fire eight water-based pellets a round.

“Just appalled. I’m just shocked, especially in downtown Naples,” Ann Orkney said. “It’s a joke gone too wild. I can’t even believe it.”

According to the report, the people in the car, “thought it would be funny.”

“This is a nice peaceful place where people can enjoy and window shop and get something to eat,” Fronk said. “It’s not funny, and it’s not mature or gentlemanly or anything like that.”

Noel was booked into Collier County jail and was released. There was no bond information on his arrest page.

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